October Meeting Minutes

Central Pennsylvania Lodge #2651
Special COVID-19 Meeting
via Zoom Video Conferencing
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 7pm
(No meeting held September)

Guard Bryan Anthony led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

President George Lapore informed that Betty Costanza, our Treasurer, Bernie Costanza’s wife passed away this morning. Heartfelt condolences to Bernie and his family.

Speakers and authors Joe Farley and Joe Farrell were postponed.

George talked about the movement for Indigenous People’s Day to replace Columbus Day as a national holiday. He proposed that the Lodge have a position statement.

Central PA Lodge 2651, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America recognizes Columbus Day as the only National Holiday celebrated in October.  We believe that removing or changing Columbus Day is a act of discrimination and bias against Americans of Italian ancestry. We also believe that any removal or desecration of a Christopher Columbus statue or memorial is a hate crime and should be prosecuted as such. We view Columbus as a courageous hero that introduced the Old World with North and South America, charted and published a route for others to follow. There is not another date in history that impacted the future of the world as October 12th 1492.”

Theresa Mingarell motioned to accept the statement and Bryan Anthony seconded the motion.

George reviewed the Treasurer’s Report in Bernie’s absence. Account balances are as follows:

  • Operating Expense $19,183.08
  • Charity/Education $1959.69
  • Bocce League $166.40
  • Value of Giant gift cards on-hand $1025.
  • Deposits during the month were $ 366.34 and disbursements totaled $712.20. Quarterly per capita dues were paid to the state lodge. The he trustees are working on the budget for 2021.

Fundraising – Boscov’s has a program that shoppers can choose a charity to receive 5% of their purchase amount. George will look into how the lodge can be on the list.

Holiday Dinner – is still planned for Wednesday, December 2 at the VFW in New Cumberland. An email will be sent to determine interest.

George proposed a visit to the Columbus Chapel and Boals Museum on Saturday, March 20, 2021 which is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s death. Admission is by donation.

Looking forward – Nomination of new officers will take place at the February 2021 meeting.
Does anyone have a copy of the lodge bylaws?

George emailed letters to legislative representatives asking for support to keep Columbus Day.

Lodge Logo – Individual items with the lodge logo can be ordered from Hot Frog Print Media in Mechanicsburg. Call or stop in at 118 West Allen St., Mechanicsburg, (717) 697-8499, or email to info@hotfrogmedia.com

Vice President Georgeann Maguire suggested we try ZOOM events when members can share their talents with members.

George initiated discussion about Carnavale. Does Lodge #2651 want to have its own event? Chris Rottman believes we have enough members to support an event. Joan Rottman said that Mario works very hard to prepare the event on the East Shore and thinks having our own event would break up the relationship established amongst local lodges. Georgeann suggested George ask lodge members for interest. Joan will contact Mario to see if there’s a plan for 2021.

Birthday cards were sent to long-time members Charlie Pisano and Carl Spataro.

Georgeann announced the Veterans Day Program, Sunday, November 8 at Hampden Twp. Veterans Memorial. The event won’t be held if it rains. Golf cart transportation from the parking lot to the memorial is available.
Georgeann will collect items for holiday packages to troops oversees. Items can be dropped off at the Hampden Twp recreation center Saturday, November 21. The center is located at 230 South Sporting Hill Rd, Mechanicsburg.

Chris Rottman motioned to close the meeting
Georgeann Maguire seconded the motion.

Twenty members were present this evening

Stay tuned for information about our next gathering.

Theresa D. Mingarell, Recording Secretary

“Working together to preserve Our Heritage, Our Traditions and Our Culture.”

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