Letter to Local Representatives Re: Columbus Day & Columbus Statues

The following is the verbiage of a letter that was sent out to our local representatives:


The Central Pennsylvania Lodge # 2651,  Order of Sons and Daughters of Italy in America, wants you to know we support the continued celebration of Columbus Day. We vehemently resist any desecration or removal of any Christopher Columbus statues, honorariums or memorials.   We hope our legislators can support us in this effort.  

Christopher Columbus is a symbol for Italian Americans. His bravery, fortitude,ingenuity and heroism are characteristics Italian immigrants brought with them from the old world to America. These cultural characteristics helped to build America and thus he is a symbol of Italian American culture.  To dishonor Columbus’s memory is to  disrespect the ancestry and culture of Italian Americans.  It is very upsetting to hear the many lies and distortions being spoken about the great explorer who was a deeply religious man.  He never had slaves, committed rape or mutilated the indigenous people that he encountered. Quite the opposite, Columbus prosecuted the Spanish settlers who did commit those atrocities. 

You can see the influences and contributions Italian Americans have made in your district.  I am sure there are teachers, doctors, police officers, firemen, business owners, coaches and many others  that provide important and needed services to the community. Please help support our Italian American community and not erase an important symbol of our ancestry. 

If you would like more information on the life of Christopher Columbus, please let us know.

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