CPA Lodge Meeting Minutes April 28, 2021


Central Pennsylvania

Lodge #2651

Minutes of Meeting

7pm –April 28, 2021

VFW, New Cumberland, PA

Prayer: Chaplin Aaron Sica –Opened the meeting in Prayer. Members may contact Aaron with any prayer requests (717) 303-7010 or

The New Order of New Officers Installed:

  • President –Bernie Costanza
  • Vice President –Georgeann Maguire
  • Recording Secretary –Andrea Chronister
  • Orator –Andy Green
  • Financial Secretary –Tony Bianchi
  • Treasurer –Debbie Kendrick
  • Trustees:
  • Santo Paese
  • Maryann Cimino
  • Mary Rose Noto-Hardy
  • Regina Vinci
  • Dave Lucier

PLEDGE:The Pledge of Allegiance was done by the Guard

MEMBERSHIP:Tony Bianchi report on membership –109 members 3 are students Andy Hardy wants to be new member–Motion by Chris Rottmann to accept seconded by Brain Anthony–accepted.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The Treasurer report was completed by Bernie Costanza

AS OF 04/28 /2021:






Tony Bianchi announced that the 2021 scholarship recipient is –Jonah Jaroch –Lucia’s grandson –wanted to raise the scholarship award to $1000 since there were no other applicants

So there was an award of $1000 from the lodge and $500 from the John Kendrick foundation

George Lapore made a motion and Bernie Costanza seconded it.


Bocce starts on 4/29 at 5:45pm It could be a possible rain out.

Moving forward if there are two captains facing each other and they decide to play or not if there is questionable weather. The decision would be made up to the captains of the opposing teams.


SATURDAY, May 22, 2021is the Bocce tournament –you need to register –look for an email and phone number on the Facebook page.

SATURDAY, August 14, 2021–Children bocce party kids 5-13 –all are welcome to come you do not have to be a member to participate. Pizza and soda will be provided

WEDNESDAY, September 25, 2021 –Joseph Turri Tournament –Adams-Ricci Park –A charity will be selected by the committee

Sunday, September 12, 2021–Lodge Picnic –Keystone Pavilion at Adam Ricci Park –Volunteers needed for execution and need a chair for the committee.

HERSHEY PARK:Hershey Park volunteers –Register with Hershey park for retail and food. You can qualify for serving alcohol but you need to go on the website and fill out a form and you have to go through training and get a certificate. It is good for 2 years.

George is only sending emails to people who have contacted him about volunteering. If you want to volunteer contact George to get on the list.

The lodge gets $6 for every hour worked and can you get park tickets complimentary sometimes 2 or 3 if it’s a double or triple day.


Bernie & George discussed the Conference of the presidents which is major organization. A lawsuit has been filed against the mayor of Philadelphia. The statue is expected to be removed. There is a civil rights lawsuit, and the organization needs $250,000 to fight the lawsuit. A suggestion was made by George to donate $1000 from the lodge funds. Motion was made by George and 2nd by Maryann Cimino. Randy Ebersole opposed, asking if that was the best use of the money. Charlie also opposed. George said there was money available in the budget. There was discussion to lower the amount or having a fundraiser to donate the money. The decision was made to donate the $1000 from the operating expense account to the Civil Lawsuit. The money will go towards the GoFundMe effort.

Brian suggested emailing the membership, Chris reminded that the response from email is limited.

After further discussion there was a vote and 39 people supported and 5 nays.

Tony received a thank you from last year’s scholarship winner Christina Marcellus.

There is a motion to adjourn by Chris Rottmann and seconded by Debbie Kendrick

There were 39 members (5 were on Zoom)

The next general meeting is Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at the VFW in New Cumberland

Social hour is 6pm –Meeting begins at 7pm

Bernie Costanza adjourned the meeting


Andrea Chronister –Recording Secretary

“Working together to preserve Our Heritage, Our Traditions and Our Culture.”
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