2020 Samuel Sica Person of the Year Award

Central PA OSDIA is pleased to present the Sam Sica Person of the Year Award for 2020 to Georgeann Maguire!

Georgeann has worked consistently over the years to bring the history of the Sicily Rome American Cemetery to light both for our lodge members and nationally through her article in the ItalianAmerica Order Sons of Italy magazine. She represented our lodge in having a beautiful wreath displayed when she assisted at the 75 Anniversary of the allies landing at Anzio Beach. Along with Santo Paese she also worked on the English of the history of our involvement at Anzio/Nettuno in a booklet that was available to visitors at this historic event and for lodge members as well. She maintains strong ties to those in the Anzio/Nettuno area who continue to honor the fallen in the liberation of Italy.

Through her efforts to honor our fallen heroes during WWII, she was invited by the Harrisburg Academy to chaperone a group of students and their parents to Italy where they memorialized PA soldiers buried in Nettuno. Her passion for our soldiers who sacrificed
their lives is commendable.

Georgeann invited Flora Posteraro, local Harrisburg journalist, then a news anchor for ABC27, to one of our Italian classes which resulted in airing a segment on our local tv station. This led to a number of inquiries about our class and an increase in our lodge membership.

Georgeann is committed to remembering our military currently serving overseas. For the past several years she has involved our lodge in sending Christmas cards and numerous care packages to our PA soldiers serving in the Middle East. She works diligently to submit articles to showcase highlights of our lodge in the national ItalianAmerica magazine. She committed to carry on our La Befana children’s party online in spite of a pandemic. She participates in numerous lodge activities including Italian classes and our bocce league. She spearheaded a cooking segment with the lodge to keep us connected and to share traditional Italian recipes. She promotes lodge events through Facebook updates and can be seen with camera in hand to keep members up to date with latest activities. She is currently serving as Vice President and we are grateful for her service to the Central PA lodge.

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